Update for the month of February

So, Grimm got this cool blog all set up and I subscribed and what do I get, crickets!.

Sorry about that. Some of my projects have gotten bogged down and some are just spinning their wheels. I was hoping to have a new update each week or more, but I have been lax.

So where are we:

  1. Cooking Table:

    The work on the cooking table has ground to a halt. The next few steps involve setting the table up and doing some woodworking. These steps are going to wait till warmer days. So other then forging the accessories, I am at a standstill.

  2. Jewelry

    1. Mistress Amie Sparrow has requested that I set the diamonds in her Laurel medallion that I had originally hoped to have set before I ran out of time for her elevation. I was going to channel set the diamonds, but this is proving more difficult then I first thought in this piece. Now I have gone onto plan 2 and need to order some new parts.

    2. The other piece I am working on had been back burner-ed for the time being.

  3. Spinning.

    With my increased hours at work, i find i am having trouble finding time to work on projects. Because of this I find myself spinning in front of the TV as a way to relax. This has resulted in several skeins that I need to write up. They are pictured below and the details are forthcoming.

  4. Book Binding.

    As if I did not have enough going on, I have been asked to make a vigil book . The original request was for a book cover, but in my typical fashion, I feel the need to actually make the book. Below are some pictures of the binding practice I dd the other night to make a practice book. Once I have the technique down again ( I have not made a book in 30 years), I will start on the vigil book.

Some images of what has been going on: