When Grimmsfield began, we had 3 portable target stands that were stored in the barn. From there we have grown into a full service range with the following:

GF1 (7).jpg

Royal Round Range

We now have three permanent targets and housings, 1 each at the 20, 30, and 40 yard markers. Plus an additional butt and housing at the 20 yard line for practice. 



Field Range

Our field range plays host to several 3 d targets including a life size buffalo at 70 yards. The field range is constantly changing to fir the needs of our archers. From ground targets to close targets for the kids, if you want to work on a skill, we can set up a target for that.

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Woods Walk

We are very proud of our woods walk here at Grimmsfield. It features 3 shooting stations, each with 6 3-d targets. Test your skills at the hunters line, the flat line or the big game/ jurrasic park line.