Since 2011, we have provided archers in the SCA a place to practice as well as a place to work on the associated crafts.


Our Mission

Gunnora and Stephan Grimm started Grimmsfield in the spring of 2011 as a place for Stierbach to hold its outdoor summer practice. This has continued to this day to be our primary focus. The next winter  the Grimm added an A&S night to their schedule in order to help budding archers make their own gear. Creating a strong Archery community has always been and will continue to be the main focus of Grimmsfield.

Really cool place
— Master Seamus McRay

What We've Achieved

  • A permanent archery range for the SCA Community, including a full Royal Round range.
  • Weekly practices averaging 12 to 25 archers a week.
  • A 3 station 18 target woods walk.
  • A practice range for novelty targets as well as Pennsic Prep.
  • Some of the highest scores in Royal Rounds, IKAC, and the winter challenge for multiple years
  • Over 50 dozen arrows made by archers to shoot in the SCA.
  • Many leather working projects including Armguards, quivers and accessories.
  • Sewing workshops for manufacture of garb.
  • Multiple people taught Target building and event preparation.
  • A warehouse and distribution point for targets and backing.