Cooking table notes

Below are the notes I made for the completion of the cooking table. As an update, the “A” frame boards have been drilled for the top bar and the support poles. The support poles have been knotted and varnished. the next step will be to assemble the pieces to determine the correct angles for the bottom supports. The top pole will need to be drilled to hold the frames in place. None of this will be going on till the weather snaps. It is just to cold to work in the Garage. Time to turn to indoor crafts.

Prep for side supports:

Shave support poles

1. This has been changed to wrap and varnish cord stops.

2. Cut poles to length

Drill support poles for shims

These should be done as slots with a metal shim used for locking

Cut 1x6 with locking ends

Need to determine length.

Drill locking ends for shims.

These should be done as slots with a metal shim used for locking

Forge 8 locking shims

Forge nails for holding 2nd layer of inside supports

Cut and work top bar.

1. Cut to length

2. Drill 4 holes for stops

3. Round ends

Side supports setup:

Drill top hole for iron pole

1. 1 inch for iron bar

2. Down 1 foot from top for decoration

Determine height of table and drill holes for poles.

Cut and nail 2nd layer on inside supports

Cut holes for bottom supports

Cut slots for side bars

Assemble, mark and cut bottoms

Finishing parts:

Forge 4 cross bars for stability and hooks for hanging

Drill crossbars for hooks and bolts

Rivet hooks on crossbars

Cut planks for storage table

Glue and nail cross bars/locking bars

Hanging grate:

Cut angle iron to grill size

Forge corners/hanging bar


  1. Lid lifter

  2. Coal Shovel

  3. Broom

  4. Wisk broom

  5. Ladle

  6. Coal Tongs

  7. Coal Rake

  8. Trivits

  9. Hanging Spit

  10. “S” hooks

One additional note from this week, I finished the bottle I was making for Mors: