An Incomplete Guide to Grimm’s Documentation

Due to a Hard drive failure, this is only a partial collection of my Documentation.

Complete Documents:

These are either in word format or PDF scans of the original.

  1. A Medallion Made for Lorelei Greenleafe

  2. Hand woven Puttees with Cast Silver Clasps (PDF)

  3. A Hood for the Elevation of Master Janyn Fletcher

  4. Making a Sutton Hoo Lyre (PDF)

  5. Late Medieval Girdle Purse (PDF)

  6. A Viking Comb (PDF)

  7. “The Astronomer” by Albrecht Durer (A Forgery)

  8. Medieval Arrows

  9. Viking Belt Knife & Sheath

  10. Cooking Grate (added 12/27/18)

  11. Hearth Trivet w/ Handle Rest (added 12/29/18)

  12. A Vigil Book for Baron Colum Maxwell

Partial or Incomplete Documentation:

These are the best files I could salvage from the hard drive crash.

  1. Hand Woven Puttees with Cast Silver Hooks

    1. word document (not quite as Complete)

  2. A viking Belt Knife

    1. All text lost, i will need to rewrite this.

  3. Making a Sutton Hoo Styled Lyre.

    1. Earlier version of this in word format.

  4. Late Medieval Girdle Purse

    1. Partial word document salvaged from the hard drive.

  5. “The Astronomer by Albrecht Durer ( A medieval Forgery)

    1. An Earlier version in word format

  6. The Skjoldehamn Kaprun (hood) (Cover)

  7. The Skjoldehamn Kaprun (hood)

  8. Krampus Pouch

  9. Rus Viking Coat

  10. Gotland Knife ( in progress)

  11. Puttees

  12. Puttees & Hooks (partial)

  13. Hood NotesComplete

  14. Missing Documentation:

A list of the Documents that I have not been able to find. These are probably gone forever, but I wanted to Compile a list for myself to search for.

  1. Cooking trivet w/ handle rest

  2. Pewter drop spindle

  3. Silver Buttons

  4. Viking Cap

  5. Rus Pouch & Belt