To the Forge!

Finally made it back to the forge today. By the order of operations, The next steps should have been woodworking. However, it had been so long sense I fired up the forge, I wanted to grab a few hours when I could.

The first thing I worked on was attaching the hooks to the fire table. The hooks are attached with rivets and needed to be drilled to accept them. Each hook had to be aligned and tapped to fit the holes in the angle iron. These were then hammered down to form the joint. The ones closest to the angle will need a rivet setting tool, i could not get my hammer in close enough to set them.

Because I had not been happy with the gaps at the corners of the table, I decided to make corners for the table. These will be riveted to the edges and will hide the gaps. I was able to get 2 done before moving on to something more fun.


Next it was time to work on something fun:

Forged 1 chicken roaster and 2 meat spits. These each will have their own documentation, so I will not go into details here. Just post the pictures of the finished work. First the chicken roaster:


I also created 2 skewers for use with meats cooked on a hearth fire: