Woodworking Begining (?)

Well, the original plan for the table supports was to carve the ends down to create a shoulder to act as a stop for the uprights. After feeling the weight of the table, i grew worried about weakening the supports by thinning them. The solution that I think will work would be to the turks head knots on each end of the supports as a stop for the uprights. I know the turks head knot is not a strong stop, but i do not see it being under that much pressure.


This decision led to a search of the supply cabinet for twine that I could use for the knot. It was after about 10 minutes of searching, that I came to the realization that I could just make the cordage. Even better of a thought was that I Already had. Digging through the skeins that I just had out to photograph, I fount the 3 ply flax that I had made a few years earlier. This seemed good and strong, but not quite thick enough.


The next step was to braid The cord to make it thicker. This was done in a simple brain and produced a cord approximately 50 inches long.


This was then woven and tightened onto the support bar and covered with spar varnish. I am hoping that the spar varnish will help to both glue the knot on place as well as strengthen it.


This will be checked tomorrow to see how strong it became