What we do:

Ah, The Range. The Range at my home. That would make my home, a home on the range. Ha Ha. Grimmsfield has a full service range, including a Royal Round Range, a Field Range, and a Woods Walk. We have a variety of targets to choose from. Please see our Range Page for more information. Deer and antelope not included (except as targets).

When its too cold for Archery, there is still plenty to do here at Grimmsfield. Over the winter we host A & S, Monday nights from 5pm to 10pm. At A & S night, we always have a plethora of projects going on, with many people available to help with a project! Pleas see our A & S page for more information. 

The Household, the people that hold the house. Grimmsfield was founded by Grimm and Gunnora. We have adopted many strays since then. Please view our household tab for specific information regarding members.


Archery goes from the beginning to end of daylight savings. Spring forward an hour, must be time for archery!

A & S goes from the end to the beginning of daylight savings. Fall back an hour, you know its time for a & s! 

Sundays; Grimm tries at least once a month to have a potluck archery practice! Keep an eye out for these special events! Usually, there's stew!

A word from Grimm:

I let my daughter type up this page and I'm sure now that it was a grave mistake. 

Please check out the rest of our website for more information, or always feel free to shoot us a message (get it? shoot!) if you have any questions!