At first, there were two. Gunnora & Stephan Grimm were just a couple of Scadians who wanted to add to the dream. Grimm had become engrained in thew archery community and Gunnore was delving into equestrian activities. This they wanted to share with others and thus Grimmsfield was born. 



Grimmsfield was founded in 2011 after Grimm and Gunnora moved to Haymarket. Grimm and Gunnora wanted to create a space where Grimm could shoot archery and both could work on their various A&S projects. Grimmsfield was a haven for those that wanted to shoot archery or learn a new skill within the SCA. After some time and consideration, Grimm and Gunnora opened up their household to allow for their friends to join in 2016. Grimmsfield is a thriving household that is open to anyone wishing to try archery, or work on an A&S project. 





Grimmsfield is home to a large outdoor archery range with various targets to try. Loner equipment is available upon request. Grimmsfield also has an open work room where various projects can be done, such as arrow making, sewing, painting, leather working, casting, weaving, spinning, embroidering, and much more. At Grimmsfield A&S night, its is not hard to fine someone knowledgeable to learn from if you want to pick up a new hobby. Grimmsfield is also home to two dogs and three cats, and pets are always welcome! 

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Grimmsfield is located in scenic Haymarket, VA. We are located right off of Waterfall Drive. Nearby attractions include Battlefield Park, Lion & Bull Restaurant, and Ever Green Country Club. Please call or email for more information. 

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