Where we stand.

O.K. so i kinda suck at this. I am not the greatest blogger. I tend to get to wrapped up in what I am doing and forget to write down what has been going on. My last post was from before Highland River Melees. Its now after Pennsic and its time to settle down and get back to organized work. Some notes of what has been going on:

  1. I set up an A&S Display at Pennsic

2. Our Pennsic encampment used my fire Table:

several other tools that I created were also used.

Used my hanging spit and chicken spinner as well:

Finished my Hood for Dougal:

Wool we sheered from his sheep hand spun and woven into a hood for the king and queen of Atlantia.

Plus a bunch of other stuff that I cannot think of right now.

Now its time to get back to working correctly:

The fire table worked o.k., but I was not pleased with it. It was wobbley and missing a bunch of key features. Both because I ran out of time and because I was frustrated with the way it was coming out. It is now time to stare fire table 2.0. For this will be a lot more gear and equipment as well. The outline of what I hope to get done for next pennsic can be found here: https://www.grimmsfield.org/blacksmithing-notes . As I delve further down each rabbit hole on this page I will be creating a separate page that will go into detail of that part. Some of my blog posts might just be the link to that new page.