Blacksmithing & Blacksmith Goop

Worked in the forge for most of the day. Details can be found on my cooking table blog.


Blacksmiths Goop

Because of the poor results of using different finishes, I have decided to make my own finish. This will be my first attempt at this. I have been using Either Linseed oil or beeswax, both with limited success. The Recipe I am going to try is as follows:

12 oz. Beeswax (Thanks Lorelei)

1 cup Boiled Linseed oil

! cup Turpintine

1/4 Cup Japan Drier

The first step is to melt the beeswax in a double boiler. This is done over low heat and on an electric burner. The low heat keeps the wax from bubbling over and the electric burner is to keep the mix away from open flames.

The goop is being created in a tin pail so there will need to be no transferring. The pail will become the container for the stuff.

Once the wax was completely melted, the linseed oil was added. An interesting effect, while adding the oil, the was around the oil cooled in contact with the much cooler oil. this led to clouds in the mix. These quickly melted out at the temperature rose. The turpentine and the Japan Drier were added next with the same effect. Once everything was added, it remains on the heat long enough for everything to liquify and mix. This was then set outside to cool. We will see how it came out tomorrow.

For those wondering, this is Japan Drier. Until researching recipes for Blacksmith finishes, I had never heard of it,