Atlantian Secret Silly Hat Archery Troupe 


Welcome to the official Atlantian Secret Silly Hat Archery Troupe Page. If you have decided to become a member of this elite archery troop, Welcome. Below is a simple form to fill out to be entered on the rolls of the Atlantian Secret Silly Hat Archery Troupe. The dues for membership at this point are $48.00 paid by March 1st, 2019 and membership will get you one Silly hat. Please fill out the application below to become a full fledged member of ASSHAT.

Membership Roster:

  1. Lord Stephan Grimm (Atlantian)

  2. Mistress Martelle von Charlottenburg (Atlantian)

  3. Lady Leylie Volurum Nerk’yei A/P/C

  4. Mistress Lorelei Greenleafe (Custom)

  5. Baroness Karin Taylor de Cameron (Atlantian)

  6. Lady Gunnora Grimm (Atlantian)

  7. Baroness Esperanza Susanna Flecha (Atlantian)

  8. Vadoma just Vadoma (Custom)

  9. Lady Lire du Pre A/P/C/I/Waiting on Hat (Atlantian)

  10. Baroness Arnbjorg Karlsdottir (Atlantian)

  11. Lady Nichola Blackwell A/P/C/I/Waiting on hat (Atlantian)

  12. Lady Ernestine Nwani (Custom)

  13. Dame Dealla Cohen A/P/C

  14. Lady Margaret Lad A/P/C

  15. Baroness Arnbjorg Karlsdottir the Second (Atlantian)

  16. Lady Treya Min Teanga (Atlantian)

  17. Lady Aine OFearghail (Atlantian)

Alright my good and noble ASSHAT members. It’s time for the next step. I am hoping to place the order on Friday (or sooner if we can all get our s**t together! There is a new form to be filled out at . the quicker I hear from everyone the quicker I can send the order. Thank you for your quick response.

Your Asshat Arranger,



The sizing chart is as follows:

S- 54/55cm






and if you want colors other then the Atlantian Blue/White, please give the Pantone number for the color found at:

Thanks, Grimm

Name *
The Default is White.
Default is Atlantian Blue


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